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Home studio VS Professional studio: Pierre Jacquot's opinion!

Pierre Jacquot is a man of sound, passionate as much as he is fascinating! Live and recording studio sound engineer (for the greats: Ray Charles, Steve Lukather, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins or Deep Forest, to name but a few!), acoustician, event technical supervisor, radio and television show, and for the past 10 years, trainer at the Abbey Road Institute in Paris.

He was asked what he thought of the home studio.

Check out his interview...

The home studio is a place very adapted to the blossoming of spontaneous and instantaneous ideas. Pierre Jacquot, acoustician at Sunrise Studio

Meet a recording studio expert!


Today, you train to the sound professions at the Abbey Road Institute in Paris. Can you explain what makes the difference between a professional studio recording and a home studio recording?

Pierre Jacquot:

"The home studio is a place very adapted to the blossoming of spontaneous and instantaneous ideas.

It assumes that the artist himself is fairly technical and masters this link effortlessly; this is not always the case.

The second constraint of a home studio is the lack of acoustic treatment.

When you record in a living room or a bedroom, you risk to catch traffic and ventilation noise. There are ugly reflections... in short, you often have to bring the microphone very close to the source. This brings harshness and lacks naturalness. In a beautiful acoustic, on the contrary, the timbre grows up with the room!

With Liam, I started to describe all the little acoustic spots I designed on the Sunrise live room. With the same mics, you can record a drum or guitar with at least three or four different options. As I know him, he'll pick them up very quickly and play them in different contexts!

And then there's the technical and musical accompaniment.

This mix of empathy, understanding, experience and curiosity turns the sound engineer/director into the extra member of the musical band and the first member of the audience!

A bit like having the kitchen utensils and some of the ingredients of Paul Bocuse, Guy Savoy or Joël Robuchon... it wouldn't give us their talent! Nothing beats the presence of a real chef!"

It was the last episode of the saga "The Sunrise Studio told by Pierre Jacquot"

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Thanks to Pierre for his availability and kindness!

Interview in June 2023 by Chloé COLIN for SUNRISE MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIO CO., LTD.

Pierre Jacquot and Liam Colin - Sunrise Studio 2023

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