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Discover our personalized coachings
at the Koh Samui music studio

A desire: to transmit knowledge and allow you to progress at your own pace in order to achieve your project.

Our experience in teaching for nearly 20 years allows us to accompany you in a pedagogical and fun approach (which will change you from traditional singing or mixing lessons)

We offer a personalized support (according to your needs and your level - beginner, amateur, professional) :

- vocal coaching/voice placement

- accompaniment on the lyrics

- artistic accompaniment

- mixing coaching

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project.


(divided into several sessions)
THB 7500/200€ 

coaching vocal sunrise studio.jpg

Whether you are an amateur or professional singer, whatever your style of music, you can be followed by a vocal coach.
It will allow you :
- to progress, to improve your vocal technique, breathing, rhythm., interpretation (to approach certain lyrics with a specific emotional or vocal dynamic) and to have a better knowledge of your voice.
- to refine your personal universe and highlight your strengths, giving you advice on your vocal style. His advice will allow the singer to take ownership of the song.
- stage fright tips
- prepare for a session in a music studio for a recording of a title or album.
- improve your stage presence.

Contact us!

(divided into several sessions)
THB 22500/600€ 

coaching sunrise studio.jpg

You have a musical project but you need to be accompanied in a targeted way or in its entirety to help you give birth to a song.

Benefit from personalized support according to your needs. It could be:
- vocal coaching/voice placement
- accompaniment on the lyrics
- composition of custom music or arrangements of already existing music
- recording voice/instruments in the studio
- mixing

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us discover your project. We will discuss together your expectations; see how we can best support you, in order to be completely satisfied with the result.

(as much as you want)
THB 1500/40€ 

Mixing lessons sunrise studio.jpg

You already mix your tracks, and you wonder if it can be improved…
Send us one of your mixes and we'll give you a frank and objective feedback on areas for improvement (that's right, we won't have anything to say except that we think it's perfect 😊)

You are not obliged to follow up but if you want to improve them and progress, you come to take lessons directly at Sunrise Studio to work on your own mixes with the sound engineer. Each class can last between 1h and 3h, according to your wishes, and you reserve as many as you want.
The goal is to teach you how to produce quality mixes.

You have never mixed before but you want to learn.
Contact us!


coaching sunrise studio.jpg

"I was lucky enough to spend a holiday here and meet Liam. It was a real opportunity to learn more about mixing... I was able to deepen my knowledge. Theory and direct practice on my tracks. It really allowed me to know the tools at my disposal, and understand how and why they are used...

I want to come back to record my album!"

Baptiste, Artist

Mixing lessons - 15 hours

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