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Discover our personalized music production offer
at the Koh Samui music studio

Do you need personalized music for the lyrics of a song you've written, to build the sound identity of your brand or to accompany a visual project (sound design)? We compose custom music according to your brief.

You already have a melody but you find that it is not "consistent" enough! We can arrange it! It means that we will transform this already existing melody by using new instruments and making different changes (without distorting the original piece). We're just going to make adjustments to make it work better!

Our sound engineer is specialized in orchestration, arrangement, notation, composition. His experience as a professional musician and his musical culture will make the difference in the realization of your project.

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project.

Exemples arrangemt

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In music, arrangement is an activity ancillary to musical composition which consists of drawing inspiration from a pre-existing musical theme by recomposing it in part, either by adding a different instrumentation - orchestration - or by partial rearrangement of melody.

In other words, the objective is to define the content of each instrumental and vocal part to follow the chosen artistic line. The purpose being that the title is more effective and triggers more emotions.


Brille ta lumièrePhil Cerda
00:00 / 04:04


00:00 / 04:32


Feel good LinèsLinès Artiste
00:00 / 03:17


00:00 / 03:23


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music production sunrise studio_edited.j

Are you looking for a composer to give birth to your song?

Tell us about your ideas and we will compose music in accordance with your style and personality.

- Music for your songs

- Music for workshop / personal development session

During an exchange (by phone, email or at the studio), you explain your project. If you already have existing songs, we'd love to listen to them. You can also give us references of artists or musical styles, definitive or provisional texts, tonality, melodic bases (if you have any) ...

A few days later, you will have an instrumental to be able to put your voice, and a version with "witness" voice if you wish. 
The next step is voice recording; which you can do at the Sunrise Studio or in the recording studio of your choice.

Ex compo
Regarde moiPhil Cerda
00:00 / 04:32
Aniliam instruLiam Colin/Anis Bahmed
00:00 / 03:39
Keep the beer flowingCeltic Hangover
00:00 / 03:43


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illustration musique.jpg

Develop your sound identity with the creation of custom music, in the image of your brand!


What is a Sound DNA? 

This is the reference music of your brand, which includes all of your musical vocabulary (tempo, instruments, types of sounds used, melody, rhythmic elements, harmonies).

This sound identity can be used for many media, including to:
- podcasts
- advertising spots (radio or video)
- video content on social networks

- company presentation video...

MELROW AUDIO DNALiam Colin (Sunrise Studio)
00:00 / 03:39

Brief: Creation of demo music to measure the performance of sound systems. 

Music composition, mixing and mastering by Sunrise Studio for Melrow Audio (Designer and manufacturer of custom-made monitoring system.


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You are looking for original music to illustrate your images. We create a personalized and custom musical and sound design for your audio-visual or multimedia productions to arouse emotions and convince the public.

This sound design can be used for many media :

- documentary

- technical demo

- reportage

- cinema, television

- youtube web video

- video game

- show

- short film


Image synchronization, mixing, mastering by Sunrise Studio for Edda's video.

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