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Liam Colin

Liam Colin
the founder

"I wanted to create a unique place in Koh Samui
for all musicians."

"Trained from the age of 9 at the conservatory, I obtained state diplomas in guitar, piano, double bass as well as validations of achievements in orchestration, arrangement, notation, composition, etc... Already passionate about sound, I take the opportunity to follow a parallel course on the physics of sound, psycho-acoustics and mixing methods.

I am alternately a teacher of guitar, piano, bass, music theory and music in schools while developing my concert and studio activities which will become my full-time job for more than 15 years."

Liam Colin Sunrise Studio
Liam Colin concert live.jpg

"It was during these years of live that I took advantage of my "sound" apprenticeship to be both a musician and a sound engineer (live and studio).

I perfect myself and give more and more importance and scale to my mixing activity, I compose custom music for artists and produce their album, participate in arrangements if necessary, mix on demand for sound design (television) or singles, etc... my knowledge of musician allows me to better understand what the artist expects, to have the same language and to be able to assist him as well as possible in fundamental steps which are the choices of sound, arrangements, etc."

"Always in search of progress and to provide quality work, I equip myself with microphones, preamps, backline... I build a custom-made recording studio in order to offer the best quality and the greatest comfort to the artists with whom I collaborate. .


I also work and perfect myself in contact with Pierre Jacquot (photos opposite), an immense sound engineer (Steve LUKATHER, Ray CHARLES, Catherine LARA, Peter GABRIEL, Phil COLLINS...) and  recognized for his skills and his artistic sensitivity, who shares with me his knowledge and his experience in order to to always push the level of quality of my work a little further.

My pleasure: accompanying the artists in the total realization of their project, bringing them freshness and objectivity and pushing the requirement to the highest in order to obtain a result of which they will be proud and that they will want to defend on stage as elsewhere."

In 2022, Liam realizes his dream by creating his custom recording studio from scratch in Koh Samui. 
Liam welcomes musicians and music producers (Chinese man – Matteo, Jarl Flamar, Megan Joelle Leach,…) from all over the world for his residential studio concept.

Pierre Jacquot at Sunrise Studio.jpg


anis bahmed.jpg

"Excellent “sunrise music studio”!!! crazy gear, ears and master hands at the controls… Held by the fantastic Liam: very professional and always on the lookout for your projects. I highly recommend this exceptional studio."

Anis Bahmed
Bassist and Pianist
Celtic Hangover, Neeskens

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