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Collaborate with an acoustician to create your own recording studio

Want to start your own recording studio?

To achieve unparalleled acoustic performance, you can call on an acoustician!

This sound professional will make acoustic and vibration measurements using high-precision instruments to then provide technical solutions for your recording studio! We worked with Pierre Jacquot for the design of our recording studio. And his main quality is... listening! That's good.... :-)

“When studio owners call me, it is often because I am a user myself! ” Pierre Jacquot

Meet a recording studio master!


Remember to enable English subtitles in the youtube video.

Why collaborate with Pierre Jacquot, sound engineer and acoustician, for the design of a custom recording studio?

How does it work to create a recording studio? Is it complicated?

Pierre Jacquot:

"When studio owners call me, it is often because I am a user myself!

That's the main interest of Acoustic Design, to have to combine the imperatives of operating a recording studio! Other acousticians are very often great theorists, great inventors of processes.

I think I rather attract people who want a 360° support in their project!

I would say that the first phase is the real listening!

You have to understand the needs and desires of the person who asks you to design their studio.

The constraints, the use, the musical genres, the needs or not in soundproofing, the space you have, of course...

So many cardinal points that make no studio completely similar to another."

Discover the 3rd episode soon: How did the creation of our recording studio go? THE DESIGN OF A CUSTOM RECORDING STUDIO IN THAILAND: THE SUNRISE STUDIO.

Thanks to Pierre for his availability and kindness!

Interview in June 2023 by Chloé COLIN for SUNRISE MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIO CO., LTD.

Photo credit: Devenir ingéson

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