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Want to record your favorite song in a recording studio in Koh Samui, like a star?

Dernière mise à jour : 2 mai 2023

You feel like an artist and you want to sing outside your bathroom! You want to make an original gift to a loved one who likes to sing and offer him a recording in the studio. You want to live a memorable experience for a birthday or a bachelorette party? You want to dedicate a song to someone for a special event?

Take advantage of the facilities of the new professional recording studio located in Lamai to discover the recording studio experience!

For the price and booking, it is here! Come live a unique experience in a professional recording studio in Lamai, to record solo, duo or group your favorite song! You will be coached by a sound professional so that the result is beyond your expectations! We promise you a magical moment, rich in emotions, and unforgettable memories guaranteed!

Record the song of your choice, no matter your level

The Sunrise Studio welcomes you to record your voice on the song of your choice.

You record in professional conditions ( like a professional singer !!! ) with a very nice sound engineer at your disposal.

We'll need to know the song you want to record in order to download a playback version.

Practice singing your song before you come

Before going into the studio, prepare the song(s) you are going to record. Even if you can have the lyrics in front of you, you absolutely have to know the lyrics for the recording to be done in good conditions!

"The more you get used to singing your song, the easier it will be to record yourself!" Sound engineer's tips

Solo, duo ou in group

Alone or with others (in family, between friends; up to 5 people), for a special occasion (birthday, bachelorette party, honeymoon...), record the track(s) of your choice.

Because it's your passion or just a pleasure, you want to discover this new experience!

Between mother and daughter, between brothers and sisters, between best friends, between husband and wife... Everything is possible!

Voice coaching before recording

Whether you are an amateur or professional singer, whatever your age, whatever your style of music, you can work with a vocal coach.

It will allow you :

- to deepen your vocal technique,

- to teach you to sing into a microphone,

- to customize your interpretation of your song (to approach certain lyrics with a specific emotional or vocal dynamic),

- to progress (breathing, rhythm,...),

- to have a better knowledge of your voice,

- to prepare your recording session.

How is the session in the recording studio?

  1. First of all, you contact us to book a recording session and you tell us before arriving which song you would like to record.

  2. On D-Day, we welcome you to the studio and explain how it works. You will see, the sound engineer is very nice and benevolent, and he will give you lots of good advice.

  3. It's your moment! You're going to record in the recording room, like a pro! You will sing into the microphone and you will hear the music and your voice in your headphones. We can adjust the lighting of the recording room (subdued light, very lit ...). It will be as you prefer. Your companions will be in the control room, with the sound engineer. You will see them through the large bay window.

  4. You will do several voice records. When the sound engineer has what he needs, your job is done!! Congratulations !

  5. The sound engineer will work on your recording. If necassary, he will correct the false notes - if there are any :-) , the accuracy, the rhythm...

  6. Very quickly (the same day or a day later), you will receive your recording (mixed and mastered) in MP3 format.

The recording studio, a musical and human adventure !

Whether you are an amateur or professional singer, used to recording studios or not, the studio experience is always amazing!

You'll discover an intimate studio that allows a recording with confidence.

For the price and booking, it is here!

See you soon :-)

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