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Recording studio: an expert's opinion on the Sunrise Studio!

Dernière mise à jour : 1 déc. 2023

Pierre Jacquot, acoustician and sound engineer, trainer at the Abbey Road Institute, was asked what he thought of the Sunrise Studio, its equipment, and the sound engineer. Check out his interview...

“In terms of acoustics, this studio is like « haute couture » Pierre Jacquot, acoustician at Sunrise Studio

Meet a recording studio expert!


You who have seen a few recording studios in your life, can you tell us about the Sunrise Studio in terms of acoustics?

Pierre Jacquot:

"Yes... I've seen a few, that's true! In terms of acoustics, this studio is like « haute couture ».

Where I'm most proud of us, of the team that we are, is to have succeeded in making a studio that really looks like his owner! "

And in terms of equipment, what are the best choices for a recording studio?

Pierre Jacquot:

"Liam has made very personal choices on some of his tools (hand-held monitors, touch screens) and very pertinent on his microphones and preamplifiers. Here again, the set chosen allows to go in very different directions with success. I believe that an original place like this studio must remain so until the end!"

You know Liam well. Can you tell us about the man and the sound engineer he is?

Pierre Jacquot:

"I deeply love his approach which puts the human being in the foreground and which makes the beautiful part to the artistic level. Liam is above all a musician! He also has this interest for beautiful tools and he is above all a man of taste. He likes to accompany and surround the people he collaborates with... he's a generous person and a perfectionist! He has everything to become a great director. I am very proud to participate in his professional development. A future great director... for sure!"

Discover the 6th episode soon:

Thanks to Pierre for his availability and kindness!

Interview in June 2023 by Chloé COLIN for SUNRISE MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIO CO., LTD.

Live room - Sunrise Studio 2023

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