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Want to have your music mixed by a professional without breaking the bank or moving?

Today, it is quite simple to record at home, in your home studio, a multitrack sound.

A sound card, preamps, pre-recorded samples and a few microphones later, you've recorded your song!

And now?

You got sound recordings on separate tracks. Your recording is of high quality.

Ready to listen?

Not really!... There are still a few crucial steps before we can share it with the public.

Before broadcasting your music, whether on radio, on music platforms (Deezer, Spotify, Apple music, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon music) or even just to make your family listen, you will have to go through the stages of mixing and mastering!

Mixing, an essential step !

Mixing is the penultimate step in music creation. It will process all the recorded tracks (voice, instruments...) so that they are balanced in terms of frequencies, dynamics, and 3D space.

In other words, mixing makes it possible to homogenize all the sounds of your song.

The goal: to obtain in the form of a single file, a single audio track, which will be pleasant to listen to.

How do you know if the mix is good?

A good mix is impactful and harmonious. The voices are heard distinctly; Each instrument has its place in the song. We don't get bored! Conversely, for example, too much compression, and the mix will sound flat. He will be tiring to listen because he will lack dynamics!

Listening to the mix, if you start to move your head in rhythm, it's because the bet is won!

It is absolutely necessary to listen to it on different types of equipment: stereo speakers, telephone, headphones etc. in order to know if the mix works in mono as well.

The end result: a stereo file that is then sent for mastering.

The mix must be perfect so that the mastering comes to sublimate the song!

Mixing, can anyone do it?

Honestly, mixing is a job! When you do not have the experience, the technique and the knowledge of sound, it will be difficult to get a good mix, despite all the goodwill and tutorials watched on the internet! Not to mention that it is essential to have quality equipment to process, edit, clean and mix tracks!

Send us your mix, and we tell you what we think.

You mix your songs. Do you want to get a professional opinion, with new ears?

Send us your mix ( and we give you our opinion (for free of course). If we think it's great, we'll tell you! If we think that there are points of improvement, we explain them to you too.

Do you want to get a professional mix for your song?

Do you want to broadcast your music? Contact us to tell us about your music and your project.

A mixing project costs THB 5500/150€ per track.

Our goal: mix your music without distorting it, just sublimate it!

Send us your separate recorded tracks, and our sound engineer gets to work! 😊

See you soon!

Tel: +66 (0) 9 23 87 0997


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