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A week to record your album in Thailand in a residential studio, anyone?

Dernière mise à jour : 1 mai 2023

Recording in a professional studio... A dream for many professional and amateur musicians.

It can sometimes seem complicated to take the plunge; not that it is difficult to find a recording studio given their large number but precisely, how to choose the one that will suit us best?

How do I find the best recording studio?

Go to Koh Samui in Thailand to record your songs in residential studio

"I wanted to create a unique place in Koh Samui for all musicians." Liam Colin, the founder of the Sunrise Studio

The Sunrise Studio is not only a recording studio! It is a place of life at the service of music and designed for the artists!

The recording of an EP or the recording of an album, it is magical, it is unforgettable moment! The idea is to go even further and offer musicians to be in total immersion for a few days in order to engrave this musical experience forever. So, rather than recording in a music studio in Sydney, Melbourne, London or Paris, how about recording your songs in Thailand, on the island of Koh Samui, in an idyllic setting, for several days? To be in a bubble of creativity and music! Having access to high-end equipment, a sound engineer without time constraints, sleep and live on site, to enjoy the "best moment", the one where the magic operates...

A professional studio of high level...

The magic of the heavenly place is great! But will the recording studio be up to par?

The SUNRISE STUDIO was designed with a renowned acoustician and sound engineer Pierre Jacquot for optimal comfort and ergonomics, while maintaining unique acoustic properties.

The recording room is totally soundproofed, equipped with acoustic diffusers for perfect diffuse sound field and sound absorbers to avoid unwanted resonance effects.

You can see the construction follow-up of the recording studio on our facebook page.

You will immediately feel relaxed in this warm and cozy atmosphere, with our experienced sound engineer who will be at your service. A control room with relaxation area and a large modular recording room allows us to adapt to your needs. The recording studio can record up to 5 musicians “live”.

...with high-performance equipment !

The recording studio is equipped with high-end equipment, a large fleet of high-performance and vintage microphones, a custom made passive monitoring system, by Melrow Audio, 3 ways, and a big backline.

How much does the residential studio cost?

It will depend on the number of musicians and the number of days.

For example, you are a duo and you come 5 days in a residential studio.

You pay 1200 € -1320 USD - 2000 AUD per person. In this package, what is included:

Accommodation 5 nights & breakfasts 5 days of studios:

Support and coaching Voice and instrument recording for up to 7 titles. Editing and mixing included - mixing V1 delivered within 3 weeks (2 possible revisions)

You want to know more…

Do not hesitate to contact us to take information and talk about your musical project. We specialize in recording and mixing current music: pop, rock, blues, jazz, funk, reggae, electro, hip-hop, slam, world music etc.

Discover the testimony of a singer who came to the residential studio with her family:

The Sunrise Studio KOH SAMUI, a human and musical experience!


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