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Creating a professional recording studio in 3 months: challenge accepted!

We started the work in November 2022, we wanted to open the recording studio in January 2023!

It was ambitious, but it had to be tried!

To achieve unparalleled acoustic performance, we worked remotely with acoustician Pierre Jacquot

Find out how the creation of the Sunrise Studio, a fully custom-designed recording studio, was made!

“What is usually done in a few months in the best of cases, was done in a few weeks, impressive! Pierre Jacquot, acoustician at Sunrise Studio

Meet a recording studio expert!


How did we collaborate with Pierre Jacquot, sound engineer and acoustician, for the design of our recording studio?

Did you design/design/create the Sunrise Studio from scratch? How did it happen?

Pierre Jacquot:

"When Liam told me about this project in Thailand, I immediately received it as an exciting idea! In the residential studio family, we can say that for once, the concept is pushed much further than usual!"

And on site, how did the realization go? How did you follow the progress of the work?

Pierre Jacquot:

"The "exotic" location of Sunrise studio led to a particular operating mode. The fact that Liam is very skilled with his hands and a handyman himself also changed the situation. He had told me that he wanted to build his technical furniture by his own; the clues were there! It became comfortable for me to design and control the operations remotely.

We decided on a way of communication with frequent and fluid contacts... (this is naturally always the case with him ;-) Thanks to the Visio tools and Internet in general. We sent each other drawings, ideas, etc. I drew up the plans. We drew them up together, in fact. (He even self-taught himself on the 3D software we used to draw the floor plans... he's pretty amazing! I think I'll hire him as a co-designer on my next projects!! …Laughs)

And we finally started the structural work... I made him push the house walls! I needed a minimum surface to operate!

And I tried to bring some fun and functionality into this beautiful place...

It's important.

When you work in a studio, you stay in extreme proximity with the artists you collaborate with. The place should give a strong and unique first impression and it should lend itself to flexible and different configurations. Let me give you an example: musicians often develop visual codes with each other, gestures of connivance, and for that they have to be able to see each other easily when they play. This same kind of link is also very important with the control room where the sound engineer and sometimes the producer or director "live".

On the other hand, you have to create different sound zones that are relatively isolated from each other in order to be able to mix the elements efficiently later on. As a result, I really pushed in the direction of a very open and glassy space in order to increase the visually perceived size. These choices are not the easiest when it comes to acoustics, where you try to limit reflective surfaces and therefore... glass!

But... being smart and we get there!

In short, we were completely in sync with the requirements and Liam sent me very often and very regularly pictures, films and little voice messages relating the progress of the work! I could connect to the progress of the project.

I also went much further than usual by combining aesthetic and acoustic imperatives by designing a small prismatic window for exemple. It was based on natural rocks that were outcropping in the original room. Liam put a beautiful Buddha in it, very well lit! All this forms a first class sound disperser and... it's very beautiful to see!"

Do you encounter the same problems in Thailand as in European countries for the construction of a custom-made recording studio?

Pierre Jacquot:

"It is clear that not all materials are available in the same way. There are far fewer variations in size, thickness or density for example! We had to find equivalences and alternatives with local materials but nothing insurmountable! It was even fun to study these new possibilities! I must confess a little lack of documentation...

On the other hand, the availability of the people who work, their speed, their reactivity have boosted a pace of realization that I had never encountered! What is usually done in a few months in the best of cases, was done in a few weeks, impressive! "

Discover the 4th episode soon:


Thanks to Pierre for his availability and kindness!

Interview in June 2023 by Chloé COLIN for SUNRISE MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIO CO., LTD.

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