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For perfect acoustics: the final adjustments of a custom recording studio!

In February 2023, we had the visit of Pierre Jacquot in Koh Samui for the last step in the construction of a recording studio: the site acceptance!

This final step made it possible to refine the sound engineer's listening for a ...perfect acoustic!

“ 80 to 90% of the work is done in the plans and design and the rest is discovered on site. Pierre Jacquot, acoustician at Sunrise Studio

Meet a recording studio expert!


How did we collaborate with Pierre Jacquot, sound engineer and acoustician, for the final adjustments of our custom recording studio? The goal: perfect acoustics!

You came to Sunrise Studio in Koh Samui in February 2023 to finalize the settings of our recording studio . How was your stay at Sunrise Studio?

Pierre Jacquot:

"Yes, that was the icing on the cake and it was essential anyway.

In a project where distance is not an issue, a minimum of 3 visits from the acoustician are usually agreed upon.

One at the very beginning of the project serves to apprehend the site, to make some measurements, to check the feasibility. A second visit during the course of the work verifies that things are done according to the rules of the trade and that the chosen workers are doing a good job, and finally, the most important one: the site acceptance.

It is this visit that I have concretized by coming by the end of last February.

It could be compared to a violin maker who builds a beautiful instrument and doesn't bother to tune it carefully! Let's just say that in this kind of setting, 80 to 90% of the work is done in the plans and design and the rest is discovered on site. In this particular case, my visit will determine the design of a couple of ceiling absorbers that I will soon send to Liam and then... we perfectly tuned his monitors!!!

Admit that it would have been a shame to design a studio in such a heavenly place and not come to see it on its feet once finished!

And then I wanted to get to know his entourage, his family, his environment and better understand his life choices. You know, when you spend a lot of time designing such a sophisticated and elaborate tool, you get emotional! Especially when this studio is for a friend!"

When are you coming back to Sunrise Studio?

Pierre Jacquot:

"A.S.A.P.!!! I'm packing up, save me a room, I absolutely need to check out how my last two ceiling absorbers fit in!!!" 😉

Discover the 5th episode soon:


Thanks to Pierre for his availability and kindness!

Interview in June 2023 by Chloé COLIN for SUNRISE MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIO CO., LTD.

Final adjustments in February 2023

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